To me, this is one of the most important Market Metrics. The funny thing about this is a lot of agents don't know what it is or how to calculate it. Months of inventory tells you if you are in a buyer's market, a seller's market or a neutral market. If months of inventory is at 3 months or less it is a seller's market and Denver has been in one for a while now. If there are 3-4 months of inventory you are in a neutral market. 4+ months means it is a buyer's market and we are trending towards that in Denver. So if you are going to sell your home ask your agent what the MOI  is. Why? So you know how to price your house. You would hate to put a high price on your house and have it sit if it is a buyer's market and if it is a seller's market you might test that price point out. If you are a buyer it lets you know if you can negotiate with the seller and get the price down or if you have to put an offer in at asking or over asking price. This should be one of the top questions you ask your agent.